Karin specializes in hair extensions,creative new colors and stylish haircuts. She has over 20 years of experience in the hair industry and stays up to date with the latest trends by actively seeking out and participating in continuing education classes. She specialize in enhancing the natural beauty of her clients by designing custom looks to highlight the colors and hues in their hair and skin. She considers the entire person in each cut and style, taking into account his or her lifestyle, maintenance preference and overall wearability. She prides herself on giving each client individual care and attention!
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Hello Beautiful!

I am thrilled that you are checking out what I do. My career is my passion, and I can’t wait to help you achieve the look of your dreams!


I went to college to become a CPA, but quickly realized that my extrovert personality wasn’t suited for the accountant lifestyle. Instead, I went to cosmetology school and found my passion for creating flawless and easy to maintain hairstyles for my clients. I have dedicated the last 26 years to helping women look and feel their best. I throw my heart and soul into this business and am continuously learning the best techniques and new trends to be able to bring my clients the latest and greatest advancements in cosmetology.


I was born and raised in Arizona and feel blessed that I have been able to open a wonderful salon in my hometown. Actually, it is just a short walk from the dairy I grew up on! I met the love of life in high school at my parent’s dairy, he was my brother’s friend. We never dated then but he came back into my life and we got married in 2018. Now I am not only a dairyman’s daughter but a dairyman’s wife too. My husband has a dairy farm in California and we have 3 beautiful children (almost teenagers), two amazing boys and a beautiful girl who stands in as my model on occasion.


Juggling two households in two states, three children and a business has also expanded my passion from purely cosmetology to include health and wellness products. I now include high quality plant-based supplements into my practices, because I truly believe you need to feel your best from the inside, so you can shine on the outside.


I hope my passion for creating beauty inside and out resonates with you. I can’t wait to share my secrets to help you be your best self. Hope to see you soon!

Krazy for Hair, Karin Boyle

Karin Boyle